Doniphan recovering from more severe weather

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DONIPHAN, Neb. (KSNB) - For the second time in the month of August, Doniphan has been hit with extreme weather. Just over two weeks ago, winds in excess of 75mph swept through the town, bringing down dozens of trees. Among the hardest hit was the Amick Acres neighborhood west of Highway 281. (You can view some of the damage from the wind at the link below.)

Sandbagging in Doniphan Friday after 4.5 inches of rain fell overnight, flooding much of the Amick Acres community.

Then Thursday night, a severe thunderstorm developed in southern Hall County, dropping torrential rain and winds gusted over 60mph. This time, the rain was the biggest threat. A report from the National Weather Service confirmed that 4.54" of rain fell 3 miles West of Doniphan. This fell on already saturated grounds. Some residents said the lakes in the neighborhood rose well over a foot.

At the corner of Cedarview and Hilltop roads, a large group of people gathered to fill sandbags this morning. They continued well into the afternoon, and some students from Doniphan-Trumbull were dismissed early to come help. The football team had helped two weeks ago, and the school superintendent, Stan Hendricks, said their team organized in a similar way to help out. The volleyball team also pitched in, as well as other students.

Hendricks spoke about the resilience of the community, even if they don't want to see another storm roll through. "We had the wind storm of two weeks ago, and a lot of people did a lot of work to clean that up. And people that were affected and weren't affected pitched in and did it. Well, today's the same thing. And the next one that comes through, hopefully that's a long, long time from now, but the next one that comes through people will do the same thing."

The Doniphan-Trumbull football team helped out with the sandbagging, you can find the link to that story below.

A Red Cross shelter has been set up at the United Methodist Church in town. At this point, it is not intended to be a permanent shelter. They will keep it open until the morning, and if nobody checks in, they will close it down if it seems there isn't a need.

In the meantime, a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for most of West Central and Western Nebraska, up to about Highways 2/91, and West of US 281. 1-3" of rain are possible, and with the extremely saturated grounds, flooding is very likely. The watch will end Saturday at 7pm.

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