Donkey basketball raises money for Crete FFA

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Feb. 9, 2020 at 10:05 PM CST
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On Sunday night, hundreds of people in Crete gathered to watch a basketball tournament.

But this was not your typical game, the players had a special way of getting around the court.

Donkey basketball had not a lot of points and some falls here and there, but also lots of laughs.

"I've never ridden a donkey before but I've ridden a horse so it's OK,” said Doane team member, Mackenzie Brandl.

"I got gray hair so they gave me the easy donkey, they feel sorry for me, so it works out well,” said Doane team member, Ed Fye.

People piled into the gym as riders got their donkeys and the clean-up crew prepared for the match-up.

The Doane college team were the defending champs, made up of track runners, teachers and coaches on donkeys.

"At first it was a little sketchy because it was going everywhere, but I started to get a hang of things,” said Brandl.

And although the team was hoping to ride off with a victory, they say they're happy to participate in something that will benefit the Crete FFA, something the FFA Alumni President says will have a huge impact.

"We have scholarships we do, we make sure every kid gets an FFA jacket, we help pay their way to the national convention,” said Greg Hollman.

"It's kind of cool to see a small community come together, we're riding donkeys playing basketball, you don't see this every day!” said Brandl.