Dozens will be without jobs as three nursing homes announce they will close in August

LINCOLN, Neb. - Trillium Health Care owns nursing facilities in five states, including Nebraska. This week, the company filed paperwork with the Department of Labor. Three of its facilities in Nebraska, Premier Estates in Crete, Fremont and West Point, will be closing in early August.

Premier Estates in Crete is one of three nursing facilities that will close in August. (Source: KOLN)

Between the three facilities, 142 people will be without jobs and 140 will be without a place to stay.

Employees say they are not allowed to comment, but told 10/11 off-camera they're sad, shocked, and unsure what their next move will be.

The Nebraska Health Care Association says the closure was a combination of factors.

"Part of that is workforce and the difficulty of recruiting sufficient staff to provide care for residents," said Cindy Kadavy with the Nebraska Health Care Association. "The other problem is Medicaid. It pays $36 less per day than care costs."

Kadavy says 48 of the 50 residents at Premier Estates in Crete use Medicaid to supplement their care, and the company could not offset those losses.

10/11 spent several hours in Crete trying to talk to employees, calling Premier Estate, and even reaching out the Crete Department of Economic Development, but did not hear back.

Kadavy says the problem of skilled nursing facilities closing is not just a problem in Nebraska.

"We have had a number of facilities closures over the past few years," Kadavy said. "Especially states with rural areas and facilities in those areas, they appear to be struggling and that appears to be increasing."

But Kadavy says what is a major thing in Nebraska is the desire to help your fellow man.

"Any time a facility is in crisis like this, I guarantee you every facility in the area has reached out and said, "How can we help? What can we do?" Kadavy said.

10/11 reached out to other facilities in the area, but could not confirm that any of them would be taking on Premier Estate's staff or residents.

Trillium did say it is trying to make this transition as smooth as possible, with packets of information for residents and families, and job fairs for staff to find other jobs in the nearby area.