'Draft Wagon' promotes NE craft brews

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. For the first time, Nebraska State Fair-goers can test many of the state's craft brews every day at the beer garden.

Dennis Dilsaver is helping to give exposure to these businesses across Nebraska with his "Draft Wagon," a trailer that pours 30 craft brews from small and large Nebraska towns.

"I had it built this spring and we're promoting the craft brews of Nebraska and we're renting it out to anybody who wants to use it," Dilsaver said. "And we've used it with Bud Light and Coors."

"Anybody that comes to the fair ought to come to this craft beer tent because it [has] fantastic beer and fantastic service," said Jeff Regan of Gretna.

"There are different beer festivals that go on, but something like this trailer with so many different breweries to come together and just put them on one trailer to make this happen is pretty amazing," added bartender Tim Horgan.

Dilsaver said he's surprised by the great turnout at the fair's first two opening days. He helped set up last year's popular one-day "Festiv-Ale," where people could try an unlimited amount of craft brews and vote for their favorite. He said the success from that event could be what's drawing so many people to the saloon.

"People from Omaha get to try the west [Nebraska] beers and people out west get to try the Omaha beers so it's kind of nice," said Dan Regan, of Gretna.

Horgan has tips for people who may shy away from trying a craft brew: "Think about what you like normally when you're at the store and you're going to pick up something for the house," he said. "Then don't be afraid to expand a little bit because a lot of beer will have the same type of body or feel and maybe have a different flavor."

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