Dry conditions prompt emergency proclamation

Photo: Pixabay
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The Governor's Office has issued an Emergency Proclamation due to the recent dry conditions in Nebraska.

The proclamation allows the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency to replenish the state's fire retardant material used in aerial suppression flights. It also allows NEMA's director to use funds from the Governor's Emergency Fund should a wildfire start in the state.

The state will use provisions of the State Emergency Operations Plan to meet concerns from the drought and wildfires.

“Wildfires this spring have reduced some of the resources used to suppress wildfires,” NEMA Assistant Director Bryan Tuma said. “State and local officials have expressed concern about both dry conditions and the need for resources that will quickly mitigate wildfire outbreaks.”

“As a member of the Great Plains Interstate Forest Fire Compact and the Emergency Management Assistant Compact, we have been called upon to use our resources and equipment to aid with firefighting in other states already this season,” Tuma said. “And while we will recoup those costs at the end of the fire season, we need to make sure our inventory stays at adequate levels for the rest of the fire season. This proclamation give us even greater flexibility regarding wildfire suppression as the dry conditions increase.”