Dundee shops have Black Lives Matter signs defaced

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 5:35 AM CDT
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Several businesses in Dundee had their Black Lives Matter posters defaced Saturday night.

The branch manager at Le Quartier Bakery & Café said their sign was vandalized when someone put a sticker which said “white” on the sign.

Bridget Kay said she did not even realize it had happened until she noticed someone walking by trying to scrape it off.

She said her company put the sign up to show support for the black community and help raise awareness of the need for equality.

It wasn’t until Saturday night they faced any backlash for their public stance.

Many stores in Dundee have the same signs posted in their storefronts.

Video surveillance was not able to get a good picture of the person doing it, but Kay said she would like to tell them the store isn’t negating the value of anyone else’s life -- they’re just focusing on a group of people who need help right now.

“Just made me sad that someone did that,” Kay said. “And we’ve had it up here for a few weeks and no one’s done anything. No one said anything negative about it, so they know, they know that this is what’s right. But you obviously come in the middle of the night, you put this up because you’re not proud of that.”