Dunning Community Center Celebrates 80 Years

Published: Apr. 16, 2018 at 10:23 AM CDT
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If you visit Dunning, you'll want to take a peek inside the Dunning Community Center.

"The WPA built this building in n1938," Dunning Village Clerk Jean Ann Teahon said. "It's 80 years old this year." The building has been used for weddings, basketball games, receptions, family reunions and what Jean Ann calls "picture shows." The holes where the projector for the "picture shows" or movies that were once shown in the community center on Saturday nights are still visible in the walls. The projector itself is now in the Sandhills Heritage Museum.

The Dunning Community Center has quite a bit of character to it. The interior is all done in pine wood, and the floor is oak. "We had a dance here every other Saturday night," Jean Ann said. She says there is still a demand for it. It's currently booked for a graduation party in May, and a family reunion in July. Jean Ann says if you need a building with plenty of floor space, she's willing to help you rent out the community center.

The center has also hosted craft fairs and the Junk Jaunt that stretches through much of central Nebraska and the Sandhills. "Any kind of memory you've ever had you would tie back to the gym. Christmas parties, all kinds of things come back to the Dunning Hall," Jean Ann said.

Also when you are in Dunning, check out the unique gazebo outside the Dunning Community Center, and just down the street, take a look at the Sandhills Heritage Museum. Then drive up to Norm's Gas Station on the highway and pick up some Sandhills Pottery made by Marlene VanDiest.