Easter egg hunt specifically for children with special needs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Easter egg hunts are a spring-time staple for many families. But for some, they can't go because the activity doesn't meet their child's special needs.

Ryker Wenzl has cerebral palsy. He usually uses a wheelchair to get around, and trying to compete with kids at a regular Easter egg hunt would just be too much.

"We thought it would be pretty awesome for him to be able to do an easter egg hunt that he could get a bunch of eggs," said Alex Wenzl, Ryker's mom. "This is just awesome, that he could just get eggs at his own pace."

Organizers said it is necessary to include children with special needs and their families. This event put on by Advocacy Partnership for People with Special Needs, Elevate Church and the LFS Sports complex, has happened for the past three years. Not only is it an event for children with special needs, but it also reaches out to siblings and parents of children with special needs.

"Most of our families don't go to regular Easter egg hunts. We have kiddos with cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, all kinds of disabilities," said Vicki Depenbusch of APPSN. "They're not really geared toward them." Said Wenzl:

"It really brings us together as a family... We wouldn't be able do things and we have our older daughter that gets to come and do the egg hunt with Ryker."

Depenbusch said as more events like this crop up in Lincoln, she hopes everything will start to become more inclusive.

"With acceptance you get inclusion," said Depenbusch. Other families came too. Several families came to support their church, watch the hunt and even help out.

"it's important that I bring my kids out here so they can see what it's like to support other children," said Krystal Acosta. Her children and their friends got to dress up like an Easter Bunny and watch the festivities.

In the end, families said it's just important for children with special needs to experience "normal" things.