Education bill to be introduced into Legislature

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Senators are looking to invest more in the future for Nebraska's Public Education System.

The package of bills would look to provide property tax relief to taxpayers.

"This is what Nebraska needs right now, we need a 10-year plan for our next generations," said Jenni Benson, President, Nebraska State Education.

And with the Legislature expected to make cuts to the budget to cover the shortfall, many advocates hope education doesn't take a cut.

"Nebraska has always looked at our schools as being important to communities and they're the life blood of our communities. And we want our schools to continue to provide great public education," said Benson.

Some of those bills being introduced would look to offer more mental health services at public and private schools.

Plus, Help the Hunger Workforce Readiness Act, that would make school breakfasts and lunches free to children who qualify for reduce-priced meals.