Elevate Church drops eggs from the sky

Published: Mar. 27, 2016 at 6:25 PM CDT
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Easter Sunday is one of the holiest days of the year, with billions of people celebrating the holiday at their homes and churches. One activity many will take part in is an Easter egg hunt. Elevate Church in Lincoln has been hosting an Easter egg hunt for the last seven years but their Easter egg hunt also includes a helicopter.

Thousands gathered at Seacrest Park in Lincoln on Easter Sunday afternoon for the Easter egg hunt. 20,000 eggs were already spread out across the park by volunteers earlier that day, but another 5,000 came from the sky via a helicopter.

Amy Barrier, a member of Elevate Church whose participated in this event all seven years says, "We wanted to spice it up and make something different, we wanted something people to talk about, to go, wow there's a helicopter dropping out Easter eggs."

They certainly had people talking on Sunday afternoon. The helicopter buzzed over the excited crowd, whipping up leaves and grass getting both kids and parents excited.

"Adults got a big kick out of the helicopter too, how low it got, like I think everybody was saying it they were afraid it was going to hit the trees and then the leaves just come flying at us, it was exciting.", says Kami Larsen who took her granddaughter to Sunday's event.

Rose and Jordan Sis brought their daughter to the Easter egg hunt and add, "Just a really neat experience, seeing Easter eggs being dropped from the helicopter and having them hidden in the field that way was a really neat experience."

The eggs were mostly filled with candy, but some had toys and even a few dollars packed into them. After the helicopter cleared the field, the kids were given the go ahead and rushed forward to get as many eggs as they could.

After it was all over Destinie Clarke said, "It was fun, it was like chaotic too, there's a lot of eggs and stuff and a lot of kids."

Her brother Jack added, "My favorite part, when the helicopter dropped the Easter egg...I almost flew, but I didn't."

Sunday's event was free of charge to the public with everything being paid for or donated by Elevate Church. Even the pilot of the helicopter, who wished to remain anonymous, donated his time and money to drop the eggs.

For Elevate Church though, Sunday's event was a great way to celebrate the Easter holiday and to interact with the community.

"The smiles on the kids faces is what keeps us coming back because they love it and we love that they love it.", says Amy Barrier.

If you missed out on this years egg drop, Barrier says they'll be back again this time next year.