Employees at cold storage facility enjoy subzero temps on hot days

LINCOLN, Neb. - While the temperatures outside hover around the 100 degree mark, inside Lineage Logistics, the temperature stays between -10 and -40.

Allen Tramp works in subzero temperatures, which he says feel great on hot summer days. (Source: KOLN)

"It's great in here, feels pretty decent," joked longtime employee Allen Tramp.

Employees in heavy coats and gloves is a sight that takes some getting used. But they have to, when they're inside a freezer keeping everything from meat to vegetables to saltine crackers cold for customers.

"We freeze things for Farmland, so it's fresh when they bring it in, and then we blast it," Tramp said. "Or they bring things in that just has to go straight in the freezer, we just keep it frozen."

To give you an idea of how cold this facility is, one employee told 10/11 a fresh ham can be frozen solid in less than 24 hours. Your freezer at home could maybe do that in 3-4 days. But it can't do it on this scale.

"It varies from day to day, but we normally have 10-12 truckloads of product every day," Tramp said.

Each truckload has around 40,000 pounds in it. Add that up, and you're looking at several hundred tons of products being moved in and out of the facility every day.

The facility has between a foot and two feet of insulation in every wall and even the floor to keep everything cold. Ammonia is run through the pipes because it has a lower freezing temperature.

While most of us are daydreaming about standing in one of the freezers for a day, Tramp says hot days cause problems.

"We only really see ice start to form on days like today," Tramp said.

Lineage Logistics says on hot days, moisture from outside can come into the building in places that aren't as insulated, then freezing because the temperatures are so cold inside.

"In the summertime, you sweat," Tramp said. "You come in from the outside and everything freezes, then you go back out, and it gets wet."

Employees say they have shorts and t-shirts under their heavy clothes so as soon as they clock out, they can take off the winter gear and enter the Lincoln heat.

"If anyone wants to come stand in one of these freezers, I'd be happy to put them to work," Tramp joked.