Empty lot redevelopment

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LINCOLN, Neb. Lincoln Lancaster County Planning Commissions approved a permit Wednesday, December 6th to move one step closer on the redevelopment on the east side of Gateway Mall.

"This is a way for the city to use an empty space and make it a mixed-use building for families," said George Wesselhoft, Planner for Lancaster Co.

For years the space at 66th and Q street has been empty, where a ford dealership once stood.
Now, according to city planners, the area will be used for up to 300 apartments and 70,000 square feet of retail space.

"The area around the mall is identified for redevelopment, and promoting have residential and commercial living space," said Wesselhoft.

According to city planners, now that it's been approved, the next step is to go to City Council to work out the details.

"Now we will work on the buildings steps to move forward, and all the specifics," said Wesselhoft.