Excited customers rush into Costco for grand opening

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Hundreds of excited customers waited outside in the brisk, early Saturday morning air. Just before 8 a.m. they were greeted by Governor Pete Ricketts, Store Manager Clay Bradshaw and President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Wendy Birdsall, who cut the opening ribbon; Costco at 1620 Pine Lake Rd was officially open.

Customers rushed into a pristine warehouse with rows, aisles, and shelves filled with food, clothing, gadgets and more.

"I was expecting this. We craved having Costco in Lincoln and wow things are spectacular, it's like Christmas," said Michael Rudd, customer.

Rudd has lived in Lincoln for more than 50 years and said he's been waiting for the city to put in a local Costco store for a long time.

Holiday lights and decorations were front and center and luxury items on sale were displayed on tables.

"It's got the best stuff for the most reasonable amount of money. I like their pizza and I like their hotdogs and they're a winner,"
he said.

He said one of his favorite things to do in Costco stores is to go table to table to try samples.

"I like the free samples because you get introduced to new quality products," said Rudd.

But, he wasn't the only one excited for the opening day. Kim Knopik has lived in Lincoln for 30 years and has traveled to the Costco in Omaha a few times.

"I like that it's really close to my house and I can get here and it's close to my kids' school so I think we'll be shopping here for school activities too," she said.

Rudd is excited he no longer has to take special trips out of town for his daughter's favorite peanut M&M's and his wife's preferred milk. He said he'll be coming into the store often.

"Probably twice a week...at least....minimally, probably more, whatever mamma wants mamma gets," said Rudd.