Exotic animal ranch has a special mission

SENECA, Neb.- You may not expect to find zebras on a ranch in the Sandhills, but you'll find that and more at Stable Productions at Seneca.

Flip Licking operates Stable Productions, which is an exotic animal ranch. He was born and raised about 7 miles south of town, and his folks bought the property he know lives on. He has a wide variety of animals to see. "We have zebras, camels, llamas, alpacas, bison, elk, water buffalo, emus, goats, sheep," Flip says. He has a USDA Class "C" exhibitors permit which gives him the ability to have the animals.

"Most of them are out on pasture, but the wintertime they are closer due to the cold weather," Flip says. "This all started out as fun years ago. I was working at the Department of Roads to support myself, but now I'm retired, and now I'm doing this more for special needs kids and for wounded warriors."

Flip says he travels all over the state in the winter time with his reindeer for events, and he offers a traveling petting zoo as well. People can come to his ranch to see the animals. There is even a barn where people can stay. There are several rooms upstairs. Flip says he initially built the lodging in the barn so that kids who were in the hospital could come and stay with their families upon their recovery. "My dad was a veteran, so I wanted to do something for the vets as well," Flip said.

Along with the lodging and the amazing animals, the ranch also offers a couple of lakes stocked with bass, there's a sand volleyball pit, and Flip says you can always jump in the river when you get hot. The Middle Loup River flows through his property, and offers a great spot to go canoeing or tubing.

If you'd like to pay a visit to Stable Productions, just give Flip a call.