Experience the charm of an old soda fountain in Arapahoe

ARAPAHOE, Neb.- If you are looking for a trip back in time, try the old soda fountain at the Arapahoe Pharmacy.

We recently paid a visit to the business on main street in Arapahoe. "This building has been a pharmacy continuously since it was built in September of 1899. And there's always been a soda fountain at this location," pharmacist and store owner John Tangeman said. A visit to the store offers a chance for visitors to experience a simpler time when soda jerks provided customers with vanilla phosphates or cherry sodas. "It's been in our family. My father-in-law owned the store before I did, and it's been in our family for 88 years."

"The community tends to look forward to it," Tangeman said. "For many people they are aware of (soda fountains) but they've never seen a working one. The people that live here can remember when it was a very busy place, especially after school," Tangeman said. There aren't many kids hanging around the soda fountain after school these days due to a high demand for school activities. But, the summers are busy at the soda fountain, and during breaks at the local swimming pool. "The pool is just across the alley, and the kids all come in here," Tangeman said.

The store not only has the classics at the soda fountain, but Tangeman said he tries to keep a good assortment of old-fashioned candies on hand for people to buy as well. So if you are feeling nostalgic, it might be worth your time for a road trip to Arapahoe to experience the Arapahoe Pharmacy.