Rural boutique supports local creations

The business community in Callaway is going strong, and one store that's thriving in town is known as Third Season Boutique.

During a visit to the store, we talked with owner Brandi Hild. "We are a full service floral and gift shop," Hild said. "We originally started in 2014 in Brady, Nebraska, and then relocated to Callaway in 2018. We are in a historic building called Bryner Hall. It was built around the same time the community was incorporated." Hild says her goal is to keep the old style of the building, and to be true to the architecture.

Third Season Boutique owners take pride in featuring gifts that are handmade by locals or people with ties to the community or Nebraska. Hild features wall canvasses that she's made. Also, there is jewelry made out of re-purposed items from a couple who now lives in Kansas, but used to live in Cozad. There are crocheted items made by a nurse at the local hospital. That's just a few of the examples that are offered up to customers at the store.

"This building housed Gambles department store for many years," Hild said. "Prior to that, one side was a grocery store, the side across the wall was a dry goods store. Throughout history, it's been an insurance office, there were many businesses housed here. And, the upstairs used to feature a dance hall."

Hild says there is a huge amount of history in the building, and she is focused on making sure the building sticks around so people can experience that history. There are also plans to expand the business, and Hild plans to put in a coffee shop. Be sure to check out the store the next time you're in Callaway.