2019 FCCLA State Convention brings students to Lincoln

Each year, the FCCLA State Leadership Conference brings more than 1,200 students from across the state to Lincoln to network and learn.

During a visit to the conference, Pure Nebraska's Jon Vanderford talked with Nebraska FCCLA State President Katie Patton. She discussed the theme of this year's state conference, which is 'breaking barriers.' "We are a student-led organization," Patton said. "Our state leadership team this year is all girls, and that hasn't happened in a long time. So, we just took that and rolled with it. We are breaking a barrier, and we want to encourage our members to break barriers in their everyday lives."

During the conference, students learn leadership skills, networking skills, and important skills on how to be interviewed. One of the groups that put together a highly acclaimed project is Twin River Public Schools. Hallie Ellenwood, Lana Hebda, Halle Konz, and Ethan Engstrom are all from Twin River High School. The group developed an important video to encourage people to avoid texting while driving. During a live interview with Pure Nebraska, Ethan Engstrom also talked about how the recent flooding has impacted the Twin River school district. "One of the bridges got wiped out because of the flooding," Engstrom said. "At Twin River, we have a consolidation between Silver Creek, Monroe, and Genoa. The Silver Creek kids go to the elementary school in Silver Creek right now, and we have sort of a split school district. But, we are getting through it."

As a side note, the Nebraska FCCLA is collecting donations for the Nebraska FCCLA Impact fund to provide financial support to chapters who have experienced challenges relating to the blizzard and flooding throughout conference.

More than 120 students are engaged in community service experiences at six locations throughout Lincoln during the conference. Several of them helped out at the People's City Mission Help Center. 697 students are participating in competitive events during State Leadership Conference. Those events range from Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design and Early Childhood Education.