Facebook page spreading random acts of kindness

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- One woman in Lincoln made a Facebook page dedicated to doing good deeds in the Capital City. It's only been around for a year and started with 40 people. But now, it has more than 5,000. Now the group she crated is giving back to her, in an unexpected way.

The page is called Make Lincoln Kind Again. When Kelyn Nightengale started, she wanted to unite her community after the 2016 election.

She said it's people who don't even know each other, coming together for the common good.

The Facebook page is just a year old and is growing everyday.

"It's so awesome to see, these completely dis pert groups of people coming together," said Nightengale.

Nightengale created the group to be a platform for random acts of kindness. Some of those projects include diaper drives, and passing out hygiene bags to the homeless.

"I think we put together 600 hygiene bags that we delivered throughout the city. So that was pretty impressive like we did it within a week and a half," said Nightengale.

But the page is also used for donations like couches, clothes, winter boots, and even school supplies.

"Even though I don't know you and you don't know me that we've still managed to come together and get folks what they need to get through the holidays, or the next meal," said Nightengale.

And this holiday season, she found herself in need.

"I broke both bones in my leg, dislocated my ankle," said Nightengale.

Meaning the mom of two would be unable to walk for weeks.

Her long time friend, Becky Morris, told 10/11, "she would never, ever, ask for help".

So Morris took it upon herself. She reached out to the page Nightengale created to buy her friend a scooter. It would help her get around during the 6 month recovery.

"I just said if anybody just wants to donate 5 dollars. And that's pretty much what it was. was $5 at a time. But we had the whole thing paid for in two days," said Morris.

The scooter was a surprise for Nightengale, and she is humbled by the gift.

"The freedom it gives me is, I can't even explain it. And I would not have thought people would feel like I needed or deserved anything," said Nightengale.

But Morris said it's the least she, and the entire Make Lincoln Kind Again page could have done for Nightengale.

"She's just one of the most amazing people I know. And this will embarrass her to death but I would do anything for her. And this is a small thing to institute something like this for a friend who has meant so much to me," said Morris.

Nightengale hopes to continue to grow the page, and has a couple projects lined up for this year. The first one is a diaper drive running through the whole month of January.

It started January 2nd and will run until January 31st. You can drop off at Advantage Insurance on 505 N 27th Street Suite 2, People's Mortgage Company, 4400 Lucile Drive Suite 101, Goldenrod Printing, 2801 Cornhusker Highway, and OMT Divine Resale at 1725 Van Dorn Street.

All the diapers will benefit the People's City Mission.