Fairbury High School students recorded having sex

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Many people log onto social media numerous times every day. The numerous outlets allow individuals to upload content and share information instantly. Dozens of students from Fairbury High School learned their lesson too late.

On September 6th Fairbury Police received a call about a recent party where two people were recorded having sex without their consent. Ten to 20 students ages 14-18 are involved.

Superintendent of Fairbury Public Schools Stephen Grizzle said he's working hard to be proactive.

"The frustrating part is that our kids in general don't fully grasp the gravity of what could happen and they don't understand that as soon as they press send they lose control of that content," said Grizzle.

The case is still under investigation and Fairbury Police and Nebraska State Patrol said the students could face felony charges. The possible charges include manufacturing and distributing child pornography, numerous alcohol violations and possible child abuse charges for the 18-year-old involved.

Melody Smith is a freelance minister and lives across the street from the high school. She has eight children and 16 grandchildren, and said she worries about them.

"It's a sick thing that's going on, it's worldwide, it's nationwide, it doesn't ever stop," she said.

People in Fairbury said that just as quickly as the video was recorded, it spread around the small town.

"I think it's pretty awful and it's pretty foul that someone has the audacity to do that," said Jacob Brubaker, student at Fairbury High School.

"Social media has become the thing of today... five years ago it never would have been like this. People have gone crazy over it, it has become something that is more real to them than life itself," said Smith.