Fairbury vigil remembers late Lincoln man

FAIRBURY, Neb. (KOLN) - As five people face charges in connection to the murder of Marc Jarrell, the community of Fairbury came together to honor his life.

Flowers, crosses and dozens of people are coming together for the late Marc Jarrell. Pictured is a dozen flowers from the community.

The Fairbury community is rallying together after a Lincoln man was killed there last week.

Flowers, crosses and dozens of people came together for the late Jarrell.

"Someone got killed right there, I’m just not going to let it be forgotten, this doesn't happen around here very often, his name has to live on," said Dillion Barnett.

Barnett and Damian Schultz of Fairbury helped organize this candle vigil.

For a town of a few thousand people murder investigations are rare.

"It doesn't really happen around here that much. When somebody gets murdered in a small town like this the whole community gets hit everybody feels it," said Damion Schultz.

Jarrell's family wasn't able to make the vigil, but the community proudly stepped up.

"This kid it should have never happened plain and simple. Five kids threw their lives away by taking a life and i feel sorry for all the families, and I feel bad for how it turned out,” said Dave Peasley.

“I wanted to show Marc's parents that the community is thinking of them and I wanted to be apart of that and i also thought it was important that all of us as a community did show up and rally,” said JaNea Rogers.

During a prayer Pastor Cross said shared sorrow lessens the sorrow and for the City of Fairbury, Jarrell will forever be remembered.