Fairbury woman finds nine dead cats in her yard

Published: Oct. 19, 2017 at 11:33 PM CDT
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It's a cat killer mystery. A woman in Fairbury was first upset but now is just frustrated after finding nine dead cats in her yard alone. It's still unclear though what's killing the cats, but the woman doesn't think it's natural causes or anything they're eating.

Deb Snyder said she's been feeding a few stray cats on her property for the past couple years. Other neighbors have too, but this is the first time she's found any cat dead in her yard. But now she's had nine in four weeks.

"I've lived here 19 years, never have I seen anything like this before," said Snyder.

She checks around her yard twice a day looking for any dead or dying cats. It started a couple Mondays ago.

"And I found two. One was in the middle of my yard and one was under the van. The middle of the yard, he was dying, but the one under the van, he was dead," said Snyder.

And each week she finds two or three more. Deb said she's heart broken for the animals and thinks the deaths are intentional.

"Nine animals that are found in my yard from mouse poison from eating the mice that have eaten the poison, I'm just kind of skeptical of that," said Snyder.

The last cat that Deb found dead was right underneath a bush on the side of her house. That was on Monday afternoon.

There used to be 15 or 12 stray cats in her area, and this week she's only seen two.

"These last two I'd just love to catch them and be able to bring them to a humane society or something for them to make sure they get a good home because it's not safe here. It's really not." said Snyder.

The Fairbury police are aware of the mysterious deaths, and say they are actively investigating.

"In that same block I did take a complaint where a cat had been shot with a bow and arrow," said Fairbury Police Officer Kruz Schoenrock.

Although none of the cats in Deb's yard have had obvious abuse, she still thinks someone is killing them.

"I just don't feel comfortable with my neighborhood anymore and that's sad. This is a neat little town, a wonderful little town, but somethings got to be done," said Snyder.

Deb had tests done one of the cats at a local vet. It showed there wasn't any poison in the cats system, but the cause of death still wasn't clear. She hopes police and her community in Fairbury can work together to stop whoever or what ever is behind the cat's mysterious deaths.