Fallen hero Kerrie Orozco honored in D.C.

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Washington, D.C. (WOWT) - Omaha Detective Kerrie Orozco is being remembered this week in our nation's capital in ceremonies ranging from a candlelight vigil to having her name engraved on a memorial. A flag raising ceremony at the Pentagon was part of the remembrance.

Brian Mastre with our sister station, WOWT, is in Washington, D.C. as the nation honors a hero.

Crowds assembled as part of National Police Week. Law enforcement officers from across the country will be escorting the families of the fallen over the next few days including the loved ones of Officer Orozco who was killed in the line of duty last May.

Omaha Police Officer James Shade said, "It brings up a lot of the emotions from a year ago to be here with the family together and in D.C. - to see Kerrie's name unveiled on the wall. It's pretty heavy."

More than 70 Omaha officers are in Washington, D.C. The honor guard has a prominent role.

On Thursday morning a big honor for the Omaha Police Department and the family of Officer Orozco in the form of the flag-raising in her honor at the pentagon.