State volleyball, it's a family affair

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LINCOLN, Neb. Fallon Stutheit is a Junior at Johnson-Brock High School.
November, 9th she played in the Eagles first round of state-volleyball and won.

This is the third time Johnson-Brock has played in the State Championship's, and two of those times they won State.
And for Fallon, the best moments were having her closest fan right beside her, coaching.

"She's so talented it makes my job easy, she is a natural athlete," said Tera Stutheit, head coach.

Tera Stutheit told 10/11 that she loves watching Fallon play and is very excited to see her play in Lincoln for the Huskers.

"It was a dream come true and I'm excited they are giving me an opportunity," said Fallon Stutheit.

Fallon will play for the Husker volleyball team in 2019 as a walk-on, but she said her only goal right now is to win state for the third time.

"My focus right now is winning a State Championship," said Fallon Stutheit.