Families reunite with pets after flooding, thanks to social media

LINCOLN, Neb. -- The people of Nebraska are putting their lives back together after the flood, but a crucial part might be missing; their pets.

Nebraskans are using social media to connect with their lost four-legged friends. Champ the dog is resting up at Nebraska Animal Medical Center Sunday night, but for four days Champ was wandering along the Blue River trying to find his way home.

Champ was found covered in mud and barely able to walk. An officer on duty pulled him out of a creek near the river.

"He went missing about a week ago, shortly before the flood that flooded our back creek," Amanda McColery, Champ's owner. "We've been looking for him as much as we could the past several days and saw his face on the Beatrice Humane Society."

The officials at the Beatrice Humane Society didn't know where the dog was from, so they decided to use social media to try and reach his owners.

"There are times where we'll have stray dog posts that only 4 or 5000 people will see, and last time I looked 24 thousand people had seen his post today," said Carlee Fiddes, the Shelter Manager at the Beatrice Humane Society.

There are several Facebook pages filled with stories of lost pets being found, one, in particular, was started by Sabrina Birge, a Nebraska native living in Tennessee.

"It's really been hard because if I was still in Nebraska I would be boots on the ground, and that tears me up to see my fellow Nebraskans hurting like they are," said Birge.

Sabrina has been manning the pages and has paired up a lot of missing pets with their owners. Says Birge:

"I don't know how many times I've broken down and cried because I can only do so much and it seems like there's so much more that needs done."