Family and friends remember homicide victims as best friends

Published: May. 18, 2016 at 11:08 AM CDT
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The family of Norma Voges say they will never get over what happened to her, but they will get through it.

Lincoln Police say Voges was helping her friend Tina Jensen gather things from her boyfriend Ronald Heritage's home on Saturday May 14.

Police say Heritage shot Voges and Jensen multiple times before shooting himself sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Shawn Zoz, Voges' son in law said, "On Sunday, my daughter turned three, we hadn't heard from Norma and that was odd because she loved her grand kids."

His wife, Stephanie's father called saying he had not heard from her either and she had not returned home. Zoz said, "My wife instantly knew something was wrong."

Zoz said he got on Facebook and saw a post about three dead bodies found in Lincoln, so they went to the scene at 6715 Bethany Park Drive. They did not see Voges' car in the driveway, but there was a blue truck there. His daughter said Jensen drove a blue truck.

Zoz said, "Stephanie went to talk to the officers, they called me over, they did notify us that Norma was on of the bodies that was discovered."

Family says Voges and Jensen were inseparable. Zoz said, "I loved Tina, Tina was nice. Her and Norma were best friends. They held secrets that nobody will ever know."

Jensen's daughter Kylie Allen said her mom lived with Heritage for around 8 months to a year. When asked if they had a good relationship Allen said, "They did, we were over there a few times a week. He seemed like a really nice guy, my kids loved him."

Heritage, Jensen and Voges all worked for the U.S. Postal Service. Police say the three were all good friends.

Zoz said, "Tina was going through some things with her boyfriend and there was an altercation Friday and Tina spent the night. You know we thought nothing of it."

On Saturday, Allen said her mom contacted her to get her truck back so she could move a chest. Police say Jensen and Voges were gathering things from the home. Allen said, "I don't know if she was moving out. My mom and Norma they were always going to garage sales, any good deal they were picking up dressers and any good furniture, that's not uncommon they did that all the time."

Zoz has the same memory, "They loved to go to garage sales, me and my wife used to always kid her mom around about her being a hoarder. They would go and buy stuff, just ridiculous stuff. Norma and Tina would bring it over to us."

The two were together all the time and Saturday was no different.

He believes knowing there was an altercation between Jensen and Heritage on Friday and Voges willing to help was a testament to her character. Zoz said, "For Norma to get in the car and go help Tina, knowing what happened Friday, she was there to help her and give her support, to be that medium person.

Zoz said, "I don't think they honesty knew the trouble they were going to face. They went out together. They were best friends."