Family honors son after motorcycle crash

LINCOLN, Neb. - 22-year-old Joshua Gasper was in a motorcycle crash in Columbus on Aug. 2nd. This week, family and friends are coming together to honor his memory. Gasper is the son of a Lincoln Fire and Rescue firefighter, and LFR said it plans to rally around the family of one of its own.

Family friend Nic Cunningham described Josh as a bright kid.

"He was an Eagle Scout at 16," Cunningham said. "He had a diving scholarship to South Dakota State University. He was just a good kid."

Friends started a GoFundMe page in Josh's honor. In just three days, it has raised nearly $25,000 for the family.

"I think the important message, and something I'm going to pass along to my son, is that the legacy you leave behind is the most important thing you can do throughout the course of your life," Cunningham said. "It's not what you can do to benefit yourself in the moment, its what you can do to benefit the world both through your life and after your life and he's certainly doing that after his life."

Friday is Josh's 23rd birthday. To honor his memory, family ask that people who want to help donate to the Community Blood Bank. Josh was also an organ donor.

"We want people to know he was all about helping others, and that continues even on now because he's giving other people the gift of life," Cunningham said.

The GoFundMe page can be found here.