Family-owned business remains strong in Scottsbluff

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 10:20 AM CDT
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Aulick Industries is a national leader in the construction of agricultural transportation equipment, and it all started in 1952.

We recently paid a visit to Aulick Industries to learn more about this Pure Nebraska business. "Harry Aulick, my grandpa, started this," Jake Aulick said. "At first it was a gas station, and it involved rewinding alternators and starters for people. Then it slowly morphed into working on feed trucks, dump trucks, and then we entered into the manufacturing industry that we are in now."

There are three buildings on the Scottsbluff site, and owners say they are getting ready to open a fourth. "My role is basically fab shop manager, and I do some human resources roles," Aulick said. Jake says he has a couple of brothers who are also running the business. Jake's father also continues to be involved. The business makes a wide array of ag equipment. "Our biggest product is our Aultimate trailers. That has put us on the map," Aulick said. "We've since gotten into the ag industry by doing dump carts. Our original product that we started with is the dump box. Grandpa started building those in the early 1970s."

The business is known for building extremely durable products, and they always have return customers. "76% of our business is repetitive. We sell nationwide, and we sell in Russia, Germany, Canada, Brazil and other areas," Aulick said.

Aulick Industries is also working in areas such as fencing. They are producing duck blinds, feed bunks, and even metal art. "Those are niche products we've played with," Aulick said. "The ag industry is still our focus and where the money is for us." In addition to the unique products the company makes, Aulick says they also make their own uniforms. "The guys in our industry are hard on their clothes," Aulick said. "In order for them to be safe, and to put them in a good environment, we decided that providing clothing was a good option for us. The employees share the cost of the clothing, and we launder and maintain it for them."

The company has also won several awards, including awards for the Aulick Industries internship programs. The internship programs are used to open the minds of local kids to the possibility they could work at Aulick. "The kids will go through a tour in 7th and 8th grade. Then in high school, they will do an internship program here," Aulick said. "At the college level, the apprenticeship programs have just started, and they are getting some traction."

Aulick says it's extremely important to keep the business local, and to give back. "For us, the family business is important, and to support the community and make sure we are giving back is key. We wouldn't be here without the community, and we need to be humble enough to understand that. We need to give back as much as it's given us," Aulick said.

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