Family pleads for return of late wife's rings

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - Right now, a family in Wymore is grieving the loss of a wife and mother.

(Source: KOLN).

To make things worse, they're now also searching for family heirlooms that may have been stolen while she was in the hospital.

For four generations, one ring has been passed down from mother to daughter.

Now, it's gone along with a wedding ring.

They both belonged to Mark Kujath's wife.

"Angry basically. Very, very angry,” said Kujath.

Kujath's wife Darcy was taken by ambulance to the hospital on October 23rd.

The family tells 10/11 NOW that after EMS came to their house here in Wymore to take the wife to the hospital, that's when friends came over.

A group full of people they could trust to lock up their home.

Or so they thought.

"We found out the rings were missing when we went to collect her possessions after she had passed,” said Kujath.

The hospital says no rings were checked in.

Kujath says Darcy would often take them off because her hands swelled.

She'd put them in one of two spots.

"How could a friend, someone you trusted, possibly steal them,” said Kujath.

Kujath's daughter, who was supposed to inherit the rings, couldn't believe it.

"I was really, really mad. Very upset,” said Joleana Ullman.

Wymore Police are now involved and the family has posted all over Facebook begging for someone to return the rings.

"Hopefully someone will just bring them back. I don't even care if it is two in the morning, just drop them off, I just want the rings,” said Ullman.

"No questions asked, just drop them off. Or take them to PD, you know wherever,” said Kujath.

Mark is worried the rings may have been sold to a pawn shop here in Lincoln.

He describes the mother-daughter ring as a gold band with a dark red stone.

And says the wedding ring has two anniversary bands attached to it with a princess cut diamond.