Mother speaks out after pit bull attack

Published: Apr. 7, 2016 at 5:50 PM CDT
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Although a few days have passed since a 6-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull at Sheridan Elementary School, the moment is still fresh in the mind of the child's mother.

The incident, which took place on April 4, led to the pit bull being euthanized on Wednesday after its owner surrendered the dog to animal control.

The pit bull bit the child in the arm unprovoked, according to animal control, and when Jena Lambert, the 6-year-old's mother, attempted to step in, the animal bit her in the abdomen.

The attack occurred on the playground of the elementary school which is classified as an animal free zone.

The child returned to the hospital on Thursday to remove some damaged tissue from her hand, and is also dealing with an infection in her arm from the attack.

"I look up and it's my child being drug across the playground by a very large, white pit bull," Lambert said. "It bit through four layers of clothing and left four puncture wounds and significant bruising and damage to my abdomen."

The incident is sticking with Lambert, who believes that a lack of enforcement of the no animal policy at the school played a significant role in the attack.

"It's her school, it should be a safe place, but that's been ruined," she said. “I think that the school system needs to stand up, and they need to take a stand and they really need to make it clear that bringing your animals to school property is completely unacceptable."

Lambert also explained that her family has felt a backlash from the outcome of the attack, being blamed for the euthanization of the animal.

A notion she is willing to argue.

"It's not that little girls fault that she was attacked. Those owners made a decision to take that dog into a place where it did not belong and those owners made the decision that created the situation that caused that dog to need to be destroyed, and that shouldn't be laid at my family's feet," Lambert said.