Farewell from Scotts Bluff County

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) Scotts Bluff County said goodbye to Mark Masterton, Sherry Blaha, and Vera Dulaney today at a farewell party. The three public servants received personalized plaques to thank them for their many years of service.

Ken Meyer, Vice Chairman, recalled the support and advice the county board members have shared since he was elected. “I've learned a lot from Mark and Sherry, both… I sort of thought I knew everything, but you don't know everything when you're coming to this board up here.”

Masterton retired as the Chairman of the Scotts Bluff County Board of Commissioners. He served a total of 24 years on the board in his lifetime. He says he thinks he’s leaving the county in good shape. He says there’s lots to work on. And that these are hard times, but he thinks Scotts Bluff is going to be “just fine.”

During his time as commissioner, the county switched into the digital age, adopted the 9-1-1 system, and enhanced it to include GPS tracking. Also, the county jail and airport were built, improved and expanded during his tenure.

Blaha retired as the County Commissioner for District III. She has served Scotts Bluff County for 46 years. During her speech she not only graciously accepted her memento, she also thanked the county staff members and asked the crowd to thank them for their hard work, as well.

She started her public service on the Gering city council. She then served twenty four years as the emergency management director for Scotts Bluff County, and later Banner County. She has served eight years as county commissioner for District III.

Scotts Bluff County also says farewell to Vera Dulaney, thanking her with a plaque for her many years of service as Scotts Bluff county clerk. It will be on display in the commissioner’s hall. She has served as the county clerk since 1983 and is finally retiring and looking forward to keeping busy during that retirement. She was joined by her son and granddaughter who took photos of the whole event.

Mark Reichert District I County Commissioner thanked the officials, “they were really great leaders, and I appreciate that,” said Reichert, “not just for myself, but for the community. I really think we need more people like 'em. I'm looking forward to our new commissioners, but this is a loss. It's a loss that is going to be felt for a long time. Thank you."