Farm Food at Jeannie's Place

We travel to Lewiston to learn about a unique dining experience where you can taste authentic farm food.

Jeannie Tegtmeier operates the business called "Jeannie's Place". Jeannie says her mother was a good cook, and she herself enjoys cooking, and she thought she might be able to create a dining room. "I always cooked a lot for my brothers, when they had hired hands or people coming to look at their purebred cattle. I got to thinking, maybe there is someone who would pay me to do this," Tegtmeier said. "So I built on this room (on my house), and it's like going to grandma's house."

On Tuesdays, it's always fried chicken day at Jeannie's Place. On the other days, it's usually what Jeannie decides to make. It could be roast beef and homemade noodles, it might be meatloaf, it might be pork chops. There is always a vegetable, some salads, homemade rolls, and homemade pies to finish off the meal.

Jeannie says she's had people suggest that she move her business closer to Lincoln, but she says the rural feel is what helps make her dining room work. People come from across the state to enjoy the food. When we were there, we talked with people as close as Wymore and as far as Seward and Hastings.

If you would like to try Jeannie's Place, she is open for lunch during the week, and she will take reservations on the weekends. Give Jeannie's Place a try if you are missing that down-home farm food you remember from years past.