Farmer stayed safe in shelter as storm hit

A local farmer says the storm damaged buildings on his farm in Southwest Nebraska. Joseph Sramak was in storm shelter when the storm hit. (SOURCE: Joseph Sramak)
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NEAR PALISADE, Neb. (KNOP) - The National Weather Service is surveying storm damage near Trenton, Palisade, and Culbertson, Nebraska, Friday morning. There are three local reports of tornado sightings from Thursday evening. There are also reports of a tipped over pivot, busted telephone/power poles, and a tossed grain bin.

A Meteorologist will determine whether a tornado or straight line winds did the damage.

Joseph Sramak, living near Trenton, says he has collapsed roofs and barns, plus debris thrown around his homestead. Sramak says he doesn't know if a tornado did the damage as they were in the storm shelter.

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