Farmers discuss USMCA trade agreement

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 10:11 PM CST
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On Wednesday, the United States and Mexico wait for Canada to ratify the new US. Mexico Canada trade agreement.

President Donald Trump signed it into law on Wednesday and now Nebraska farmers say it's good news for agriculture.

10/11 NOW spoke with a farmer who lives just outside of Lincoln who says the agreement is a great thing, especially for dairy and wheat farmers.

But the stability is something all farmers want.

Like many farmers, Dave Nielsen is preparing for planting season only a few months away.

But something on his mind, along with many other farmers, is the USMCA deal signed by President Trump.

"Potentially you know, hopefully, we will be able to export to them now, which in general should bring our prices up a little bit, which helps our bottom line,” said farmer Dave Nielsen.

He says the main thing for all farmers is finally having some sort of certainty.

"Businesses and everybody can kind of move ahead and start working together again and stuff, and you know Canada and Mexico are two of our largest trading partners so any time we can have a firm, concrete trade policy with them, that's great,” said Nielsen.

According to the Nebraska Farm Bureau, Mexico and Canada account for more than 21% of Nebraska's total agriculture.

Governor Pete Ricketts was there as Trump signed the agreement that will replace NAFTA.

Mexico is the number one export market for Nebraska dairy products.

The governor hopes dairy from the state can go to Canada.

"With some of the trade uncertainty with China, we're going to have to diversify away from China. This agreement will help us to expand our markets to places like Canada and Mexico where we already have strong relationships,” said Governor Pete Ricketts.

Manufacturing is the second biggest industry in the state and the governor hopes the USMCA will help grow that industry even more.

Senator Ben Sasse says it's great news for Nebraska.

"Our farmers and ranchers deserve the certainty that this trade deal provides, and our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, are going to have it good knowing that they can buy from the very best America has to offer: Nebraska Ag producers,” said Senator Ben Sasse.

Farmers like Nielsen say they can't wait to see what changes come from the new agreement.

Reuters reports the ratification process is underway in Canada.

This week Canada's minority liberal government urged parliament to approve the deal as soon as possible.