Farmers market regular boasts perfect attendance

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The annual North Platte Farmers Market has been a staple of summer for over forty years, and Leva Cochran has been there for every single year.

Leva Cochran has attended the Farmers Market for about 43 years. (Source: Erika Siebring/KNOP TV).

Cochran's husband is the one who first encouraged her to sell their produce at the farmers market. So, she loaded up a truck of turnips and has continued to make appearances selling tomatoes, peppers, garlic and cinnamon-roasted nuts.

Cochran grows all the produce it in her garden and spends a day picking and sorting before coming to the market. She has also sold cinnamon rolls in the past. Cochran said the tomatoes were the biggest seller of the day.

"I had a lot of customers on green tomatoes today," Cochran said. "Even had some people from the south that were travelling. . . 'Oh! Green tomatoes,' he was really happy about that."

Cochran will make apperances at the market in the coming weeks.

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