NSP: Victims in fiery I-80 crash near Hershey named

Published: Aug. 21, 2016 at 8:50 PM CDT
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The Nebraska State Patrol identified the names of the victims in Sunday's I-80 fatal crash as 56-year-old Hieu Trung Le of San Jose, CA, 31-year-old Duy Trong Dao of Sacramento, CA, and 37-year-old Zurabi Mdzeluri of Brooklyn, NY.

According to the state patrol, the driver of the eastbound semi, Hieu Trung Le, and a passenger in the semi, Duy Trong Dao were both killed in the crash along with the driver of the westbound semi, Zurabi Mdzeluri. All three died at the scene. None of the occupants in the passenger vehicle were hurt.

The crash shut down the interstate between North Platte and Sutherland for close to six hours. I-80 has since reopened as of Monday morning.

An investigation from NSP show the driver of the eastbound semi carrying lettuce, crossed the median hitting the westbound semi hauling cars head-on. That truck also sideswiped a passenger vehicle. The car hauler went into the ditch, but the truck with the load of produce, turned over blocking both westbound lanes of the interstate. Both trucks caught fire and were engulfed in flames.

A video posted to our Facebook page, by Lora Kreiling said she heard an explosion started after the fiery crash.

Kreiling said it happened right in front of her house, as they live along the interstate not far from the Hershey exit.

She says her husband Jeremy bravely ran over to the crash and pulled one man from a semi-truck.

Daniel Uhl and Staci Dencausse swerved out of the way after one of the semi's came barreling at their car. They said as the semi started to jack-knife, they went under the truck. Then they rushed to help.

Uhl said, "We ran towards the fire to try to see if their was any survivors, and I gave the guy my shirt. He put it around his face and pulled the man out of the car carrier. We tried to revive him, we pulled his burning clothes off his body."

Kreiling says she took her husband to the hospital to be checked out because he inhaled so much smoke and because of the intense heat.