Fighting learning loss during summer

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LINCOLN, Neb. Students may forget some of what they learned during the school year, but parents can utilize tools and techniques to keep their children learning during their summer.

We asked the experts at Sylvan Learning Academy in Lincoln for tools and techniques parents can use at home.

The Director of the Academy, Jennifer Shannon, explains that props at home are very important.

Shannon said,"So in the learning world, having manipulatives or props or a physical item helps reengage a certain learning portion in the brain. So, instead of just reading about an item or looking at a picture of an item, you're holding an item. The learning process is kind of extended."

Here's what else the Sylvan Learning Center recommends parents can do to keep kids interested and engaged during the summer:

-Allow kids to explore different topics and learn about things that they don't always get a chance to study during the school year.
-Encourage them to discover new interests or talents and to share them with you as parents.
-As parents, try and keep an open mind to the things that your kids want to explore and learn more about.
-Encourage kids to read them in books, magazines, online sites and other outlets.
-As a family, keep a summer journal. Have everyone write a few lines each day about important and not-so-important events.
-Make flash cards of letters and words to have quick learn sessions or create a Word of the Day.
-Have the kids assist with trips to the grocery store. Counting, estimating, making change are all good math exercises.
-Practice fractions by using recipes or reading cookbooks.
-Use cards, dominoes or dice to reinforce counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Family game night can consist of Monopoly or other games that encourage counting.
-Enroll them in fun and energetic math adventures or camps in the summer.

Sylvan's Learning Center also has several programs for summer. You can find out more information in the link to their website above.