Fire crews respond to small fire at Kawasaki

Lincoln, Neb. (KOLN) Lincoln Fire & Rescue responded to a small fire in a ventilation pipe at Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation late Monday night.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue on the scene of a small fire at the Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing plant.

Battalion Chief Jim Bopp tells 10/11 that workers in a welding area of the plant called 911 after they saw smoke above them. LFR arrived and began to locate where the smoke was originating from. They say it took approximately 20 minutes to get the where the small fire was, since it was up high off the ground.

Crews were able to locate the fire in a collecting area of a ventilation pipe that is used to pull small, dust-sized material through and out of the welding area of the plant. Chief Bopp says it was that material, which had built up inside, that had caught fire.

LFR cut away an area of the ventilation system and extinguished what was left of the small blaze. Damage is estimated at around $500 to $600 and was contained to the exhaust pipe only.

As for the cause, Chief Bopp says a possible spark from a welding machine may have been sucked up into the ventilation pipe, and thus lit the material inside the collector in fire.