Firearms and safe storage report released by mayor

A variety of guns are on locked but on display at Big Shots in Lincoln.
A variety of guns are on locked but on display at Big Shots in Lincoln.(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 6:30 PM CDT
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Gun rights are a polarizing topic, but the city of Lincoln starting the conversation on safe storage of firearms.

It's a response to the Parkland, Florida, school shooting last year.

Many Lincoln students raised their concerns and the city started looking at procedures.

The Child Access to Firearms and Safe Storage task force met for six months.

The report includes statistics on Lincoln schools gun thefts, and even possible recommendations.

"If you leave a gun unsecured in your car for more than 24 hours that's against the law," said Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister.

Lincoln has ordinances regarding guns in cars, but doesn't say anything about houses.

The report says that between 2014-2018 there were 8 reports of guns at Lincoln schools.

"Anytime that there is a firearm found on the grounds of school it's concerning," said Bliemeister.

Bliemeister stresses that it's important to report a stolen gun because that could lead to more crimes.

"That’s a gun that could end up on a campus of a school or shooting or some type of other crime," said Bliemeister.

The task force consisted of 17 members. One of them was Big Shots Owner Teri Clark.

"The group is in agreement to educate and increase awareness of the importance of safe storage," said Clark.

Clark says gun storage options include individual cable locks, lock boxes and safes.

As polarizing as gun safety is Clark says the meetings were interesting and beneficial.

"People from different opinions can come together and have a professional discussion and we can find ways that we agree on certain things," said Clark.

City Councilor Roy Christensen says he doesn't expect any gun storage ordinances to come forward to the council.

He does believe more educational campaigns will be available.


for the full report.

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