Firefighter injured during gas leak

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- A firefighter was injured after falling through the floor of a red-tagged house which had suffered a gas leak.

A hazardous material response was called near 18th and South Street. Black Hills Energy had registered high gas readings and called Lincoln Fire and Rescue to respond to a gas leak.

After readings were lowered to near zero, LFR went in. One firefighter fell through the floor, most of the way into the basement. Firefighters on the scene were able to help the injured firefighter to safety. He was then taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

“It makes your heart go into your throat, fortunately we train for this,” Battalion Chief Jim Bopp said. “Everyone keeps their head on their shoulders.”

The house is scheduled to be boarded up Friday night so no one else goes inside. According to NeighborWorks Lincoln, it is scheduled to be torn down within the year.