Firefighters staying warm in cold weather

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Fire and Rescue said that when temperatures are below freezing, a rehab bus will be sent out to help crews stay warm for a period of time.

The Paul Davis Restoration fire near 6th and Calvert streets that happened early Wednesday morning called for a rehab bus for crews to stay warm, get a bite to eat and stay hydrated.

Crews will be out on scene for hours at a time. But LFR doesn’t want firefighters to spend too much time staying warm because it could actually make things worse when they have to go back out.

Battalion Chief Leo Benes said that when firefighters are covered with ice, the ice acts as an insulator. Once that starts melting, the moisture will soak into the firefighter’s gear and it will become more cold.

“It’s critical to watch our crews so we don’t have any cold injuries whether it’d be frostnip or frostbite,” he said.

LFR said they are thankful for the community bringing food and drinks. Star Tran provided the bus for the firefighters. Food and drinks were donated from Paul Davis’s company and HyVee.