Lincoln Fire and Rescue stresses safe gun storage

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Safe storage for your firearms are very important for keeping you family safe, and in the case of a fire in your home, if your gun, or ammo, isn't properly stored, it will add another deadly hazard for firefighters.

Stan Sipply lives with his young son, and owns several guns.

"Two 22 revolvers, four shotguns," said Sipply.

Sipply says he doesn't keep any ammunition in the house, for safety purposes, but a lot of gun owners with families do. And in that case, there is one easy solution.

"Fireproof safes are not only for theft protection, we font want stolen guns on the street, but every fireproof safe is going to have a rating like 45 minutes at a certain number of degrees, the best way to store your guns and ammo," said President of BCA Tactical Training, Craig Schnieder.

This past Friday a house fire broke out, and Lincoln Fire and Rescue says the people who live there kept their guns and ammunition in the basement. Which is a cause for concern for firefighters. Craig Schnieder said at high temperatures live ammo could explode. The bullets might not propel as if it were coming out of a chamber, but still could be dangerous .

"So typically if it is a fire the round will go off, it will just push the bullet out of the barrel, so is it a threat? Yeah, it could be," said Schnieder.

It could be a real threat to firefighters trying to put out a fire who are in close quarters with the over heated ammo.

"If you can find any other place to put it get it out of your house and store it somewhere else, so we don't have have that extra hazard if we have to come over here and there's an incident at your house," said Fire Captain Scott Bastin.