First annual "Lincoln Littles" fundraiser gives back to community

LINCOLN, Neb -- The Lincoln Community Foundation is giving back to the community on Feb. 12th for Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

The Lincoln Community Foundation is hosting, "Lincoln Littles," a fundraiser to create scholarships for early childhood education for those who might not be able to afford it.

"I think we should all work together to provide that every young person in Lincoln has the same opportunities," said Jeff Cole, vice president of Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, who also donated. "A young child's future shouldn't be dependent upon their parent's income level."

The Lincoln Community Foundation is hoping to raise $1 million to take care of Lincoln's "littles." Although in-person donation closed at five, you can donate online at

The idea for Lincoln Littles came out of a community agenda from 2014, that wanted to improve early childhood education, workforce development and innovation and entrepreneurship.

"This is the early childhood component of our community agenda," said Barbara Bartle, President of the Lincoln Community Foundation. "Our goal is to have more spaces and availability for children from our low-income families."