Bellevue flood victims still struggle to find permanent living

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Dozens of homeowners at the Green Acres Mobile Home Park in Bellevue, NE were forced out of their homes in March. A lot of them not allowed to return.

Property managers held a banquet for those residents, Thursday night, to let them know they are doing everything they can to find them a new home.

"It's been really tough to just get back on our feet,” said Sarah Dodds of Bellevue, NE.

Dodds and her family are not alone.

Tables full of flood victims packed the Bellevue Christian Center clinging to hope.

"It's heartbreaking,” said Dodds.

128 homes in Green Acres and even more next door in Paradise Lakes are condemned, conditions unlivable after floodwaters flowed through their homes.

"We didn't really have a whole lot of time to grab anything,” said Dodds. "Brand new couches that we only had for maybe three days and lost those. Everything was just really bad.”

Like a lot of families, Dodds, her fiance Ryan, and her daughter Novina were left with nothing.

Since they were displaced nearly eight weeks ago they've slept in about half as many places.

"About three to four different times,” said Dodds.

From friends to family...back to a friend's...their now living with Ryan’s grandmother.

The never-ending journey they never asked for is taking a toll on five-year-old novina.

"I'll hear her crying in her sleep,” said Dodds. “She'll climb into bed with me and tell me she had a bad dream. It takes her a while to fall back asleep again."

After five years in Green Acres, they're holding out hope that they can return or find another permanent home to rebuild their lives for Novina’s sake.

"It's hard but we've been staying strong and I think that keeps her strong, too,” said Dodds.
There are some vacant lots in Green Acres and Dodds and her family are speaking with the property owners to hopefully move into one soon.

Property owners are cleaning up the damaged properties.
They estimate it will cost $1.5 million.