Kearney flood victims wait for waters to recede to get to belongings

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 5:37 PM CDT
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The water in the hospitality district of Kearney is slowly starting to go down and people are arriving to save their cars and find out if they can get their luggage out of their hotel rooms. But there's going to be quite some time before it is safe.

Jerry Pickard had just moved his son to Kearney from Michigan on Sunday. On Tuesday morning, he got a call that his hotel was flooding.

“If I would have waited another three minutes I wouldn't have gotten his car out of there I mean it was coming up so fast,” Pickard said.

He got his son's car full of his belongings away from the water. But he tried to go back and get more of their bags from the room.

“Within five minutes it went from my calves to my waist,” Pickard said.

He lost his phone and many of their bags are still in the room where it isn't safe for them to go. People arrived to Talmadge Street all day to try and rescue their things. Pickard is just thankful his son's apartment north of town is dry and that they are safe.

“It's been a challenge but I keep thinking there are people a lot worse off then we are right now,” Pickard said. “There's folks out here that have lost everything because of the flood of the century.”

He says he hopes to get to their things soon so his son can begin his new job and he just can't believe the water is so strong and affecting so many businesses.

“You see it on TV being from the Midwest where we're at,” Pickard said. “You see it on TV but until you're here it's hard.”

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