Flood waters take over Gibbon in under 10 minutes

LINCOLN, Neb. Seven minutes, that’s how fast the fire chief in Gibbon says it took for flood waters to take over.

Flood waters in Gibbon

The waters were supposed to get into town Tuesday night but did not arrive until just after 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

“It came on fast,” said Rick Brown the Gibbon fire chief. “I stayed at the fire hall all night doing monitoring and making sure I was around when it started flooding and by 4:07 a.m. we had a flooded town.”

Brown says early Wednesday morning into the afternoon they made three air boat rescues. At last measure the water had reached 16.6 feet which is over a foot and a half above flood stage. The water is expected to crest at 17 feet late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

“This morning it was going up a foot an hour and the last time the guys checked it, it was just a couple inches an hour and I’m kind of hoping were plateauing out,” said Brown.

Many who live in Gibbon say they woke up to the water, higher than they saw in even March when it flooded earlier this year.

“As things move this way it’s just catastrophic for all the people in central Nebraska,” said Chad Dolan of Gibbon. “I know as it moves east it will be for those people as well.”

'It just keeps on rising. There’s a lot of water, that way, it just keeps coming,” said Alaysa Shaw of Gibbon. “We had some flooding along our gutters and then it just tuned into a big puddle like everywhere else has been."

The water has completely shut down the overpass that connects the two sides of town. Officials hope to have that open as soon as the water recedes but Brown says that from what he’s seen it will take a lot longer for the community to recover.

"I’m sure there are about 15 to 20 that have full basements of water, that’ll need pumped out,” said Brown. “We are kind of back to square one as we were in March and we are gonna be starting over from square one."