Flooding concerns on the roads and at home

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LINCOLN, Nebr. (KOLN) The second snowiest winter on record.. is slowly melting away.

But with good news.. there's bad. Authorities say that with the prospect of some substantial rain this week, there is a very real chance for flooding.

As nice as the weather is today -- the Lincoln area is currently under a flood watch. Many streams have doubled their flow rates over the past ten days. They're still well below flood stage -- but there's still a lot of snow left. And rain is on the way.

"With the near-record snowfall that we received, any additional rain that we get, it's just not possible for it to be absorbed into the ground," says Lincoln Lancaster County Emergency Management Director Jim Davidsaver.

Davidsaver says the prospect of flooding makes this a good time to plan ahead if you travel on an unpaved road or low-lying area..

"If you did need to change your routine -- take an alternate route -- stay home -- whatever the case may be -- give some serious consideration to that (ahead of time)," he advises.

As for homeowners -- roofing experts say you need make sure your drainage system is continuing to move the water away from the house. In advance of the storms, now would be good time to inspect your downspouts.

"As it melts, just try to get any snow or ice that's up against your downspouts away," says Dane Hansen, vice president of White Castle Roofing. "You want to allow the water to flow away from your house. Wherever it can go, it will go."

Hansen says if your gutters froze during the winter blast -- do not use a shovel to free the downspouts. Most are made of thin aluminum and damage easily.