Flooding costing local homeowners

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Its not just roads that are flooding.

Many homeowners all over Lincoln are experiencing the headaches that go along with water damage inside.

With all of the rain and melting snow the water left behind is making it inside.

10/11 NOW spoke with a local couple who says the flooding in their home, may end up costing them thousands of dollars.

A flooded room is not what Valerie Haschke and Travis Rouse expected to see when they got home from work.

"The floor was entirely soaked,” said Travis Rouse.

Haschke says they're re-modeling their house and her sons room was the first project.

Now, all of that hard work may be ruined.

"And just dripping down onto the bed. Cause, the beds ruined. It was just soaked,” said Valerie Haschke.

She says over the last few days, water has been pouring down from the window-sill into the room.

They're trying to use fans, vacuums and anything else to try and clean up the mess.

"We're going to have to naturally replace all of that wood there, so we will see then what kind of damage is behind the walls. We're hoping not, cause we just put the drywall up,” said Haschke.

The room was completed less than six months ago.

The City Health Department says when cleaning up after flooding like this, you need to take precautions, assuming the water has been contaminated.

"Flood waters are not just waters that are going down a creek, they've already picked up multiple other things. Potentially sewage, potentially pesticides,” said Lancaster County Health Department's Scott Holmes.

Experts say you should always wear rubber boots and gloves to protect yourself and wash your hands immediately after cleaning.

As for this family, mother nature is proving costly this year.

"I’d say anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 dollars in damage,” said Rouse.

The Lancaster County Health Department says in some cases, your best bet may be to just contact a contractor to remove the water.

Either way, it says its best to fix things as soon as possible.