Flooding threatens homes once again in Fremont

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - On Sunday night, Dodge County Emergency Officials say flooding remains stable.

(Source: KOLN).

But going forward, people who live in Fremont that are dealing with flooding this weekend say they'll be cleaning up for a while.

10/11 NOW spent most of the day on Sunday in Fremont speaking with a homeowner, who says the water came fast and within about 30-45 minutes of the ice jam in the river breaking, her family was evacuating their house, walking through feet of water and ice chunks.

Video taken on Saturday evening shows just how rapid the chunks of ice and water were flowing right outside of Molly Bird’s house.

That was before all of the ice chunks ended up in her yard.

"This is different to us, we've never seen all of the snow and ice the river brought in,” said Bird.

Now Bird struggles to walk through her yard, one that was bare yesterday.

She says her kids were out in the yard playing and they were about to fry fish when it happened.

"It just slowly trickled over to the banks and then we were getting backed up, getting backed up until we were to the house,” said Bird.

Video shows outside of the front of her house before the water receded.

Signs of the flooding from last March still surround the area of Bird's home, like marks on trees that show where the ice was last year. She says that's the first thing she thought of.

"My first thought was, are we going to be stuck out of our house for weeks again.. cause that's what happened last year, this whole area was just blocked off, couldn't get here,” said Bird.

Bird says although some things were damaged, like her husband's truck, luckily everyone is OK.

She adds living on a riverbank, they know this can happen.

"We enjoy the good parts of it so much, that this is just what we deal with sometimes,” said Bird.