Floral design class gives students appreciation for the arts

For the past 35 years, UNL students have been gaining an appreciation for the arts through a floral design class on East Campus.

Stacy Adams has been teaching this class for the past 8 years, "I want them to understand the complexity associated with floral designs, that they're not just a random experience but there is a lot of thought that's been put into it. Probably the most important thing to me is that students know that they can share emotional feelings from one person to another, it's an expression of emotion or it can be a way for them to share emotion from one person to the next so if I can do that I feel like my job is done."

Darren Segner of Friend has a new found appreciation for the power of flowers, "Just how much a floral arrangement can mean to a person, how it can brighten their day just like the different flowers can have a different sort of effect on people."

Sam Steffan of Beatrice hopes to use his floral designs skills down the road. "If I get a wife in the future then I'll be able to show my appreciation to her with my creativeness in flowers and being able to show my love for her then."

Stacy's students learn about the history of flower arrangements dating back to the ancient Egyptians and the students will design at least 14 different arrangements throughout the semester that they get to take home and decorate their apartments.