Flu cases down in Lincoln, but CDC warns it may not be over

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The flu hit Nebraska hard early this year. While most of the country suffered through the more traditional H1N1 virus, the H3N2 strain has been present all season in Nebraska.

Today, the Center for Disease Control issued a national warning about the spread of H3N2 throughout the country. But that strain has been present -- and vigorous in Nebraska for most of this flu season.

The H3N2 strain is more likely to result in hospitalizations and death -- particularly among the very young and people over 65 years old.

In total, there has been 58 flu-related deaths in Nebraska this season. Eight of those have been in Lancaster County.

Still Lancaster County Communicable Diseases Coordinator Tim Timmons, says the trend for flu incidences in going down, and he is not expecting a second wave of flu outbreaks, like we had in December.

"Through January and February the amouunt of flu activity has been high and now we are starting to see a decline and hopefully that continues," says Tim Timmons, who heads Lancaster County's Communicable Diseases tracking function.

In all, 58 Nebraskans have died from the flu this season -- eight in Lancaster County. Timmons said that while the flu seems to be diminishing for the season (which officially runs through the end of April), it is still present and we should all take precautions to wash our hands regularly and, if you get a touch of the flu, stay home and don't spread the discomfort to friends, family and co-workers.